Married couples in the Modern World Far More Difficult, really?

modern marriage

On the one hand, marriage in the modern world is much larger, luxurious and attractive compared with traditional marriage.

So is the reason for the wedding itself. You no longer married because it was told to the parents, because the male partner is the rich, or because the female partner came from prominent families.

today, most people decide to get married because of the feeling of love. Unless, you’ve never heard of that marriage in the modern world can be very difficult.

Is it true? How can?

In an interview conducted by Ramith Sethi, a bestselling author and Esther Perel, a therapist pair, sharing knowledge why a wedding can be very difficult.

“Actually married on the grounds attracted and fall in love with someone is an idea that has recently emerged. People come with romance since 150 years ago, but never made love and passion as the foundation for a wedding,” said Ramith at the beginning of the interview ,

“While the traditional wedding, people want more friendships, family life, social status, respect, and support the economy,” added Esther.

However, that does not mean romance disappear completely from the modern wedding, most people simply add more requirements.

She added that the love and passion is now compounded by the demands expertise in sexual intercourse.
In essence, the more you expect your partner can meet all the needs of your life, will be the more room for disappointment.

Esther opinion is corroborated by a recent study conducted by a psychologist named Eli Finkel. He found that the expectations in marriage in the modern world has changed drastically since the last two centuries or more.

Jessica Orwig as the author of Business Insider also reported that prior to 1850, people got married for the manufacture of food, shelter and seek protection from violence.
Starting in the mid 19th century, somehow, people have begun to get married for companionship and love.

Since 1965, people see marriage as an option and a couple looking to meet personal needs. This means that a good marriage is where couples can meet existential needs of each very large. Meanwhile, when the couple can not meet it, marriage is categorized as very unsatisfactory.

What is the solution of this problem?
The solution is not to go back to the model of a traditional wedding, where you let parents set your partner based on social economic status.

In addition, you should also see a wedding outside of personal fulfillment. If you are just looking for it, then friends and hobbies you can do it.
You and your spouse can each be grateful to have each other and look back on what can be used from each to develop.

No marriage is perfect, but in anticipation of crucial issues may help you in the future.

10 Cities with Most Wanted Culinary Travelers


No matter where your travel destination, everyone including you certainly will find food. This makes culinary activity can not be separated from traveling. Many countries are becoming tourist destinations of the world, not only to fix the infrastructure and various facilities supporting the tour, but also creates the culinary industry very seriously at various tourist destinations.

Many ways can be done to introduce the culinary, for example through overseas culinary festival, food truck, and make the location of food theme in various locations that are considered to have a delicious culinary specialties.

Travel and Leisure, as a world traveling site based in New York has made a survey to readers, the country’s most visited tourist with a culinary reasons. The results were startling, Beirut lined up as the city most visited by tourists who want a culinary tour, followed by Spain and France.

After experiencing a revival, Lebanon became a tourist destination, the most a culinary tourist destinations world. Lebanese cuisine is considered to have unique characteristics with the use of typical spices and fresh ingredients. Shish tawouk and Kafta Antabli example into some dishes were searched many tourists, as well as Zabadi and Baklava is a sweet dish.

Here are a few cities in the world to be the destination for those who like culinary tours, as quoted from page Travel and Leisure:

1. Beirut, Lebanon
2. San Sebastian, Spanyol
3. Paris, Prancis
4. Florence, Italia
5. Bologna, Italia
6. Roma, Italia
7. San Miguel de Allende, Meksiko
8. Chiang Mai, Thailand
9. Barcelona, Spanyol
10. Bordeaux, Prancis

The World’s Largest Hybrid Aircraft Begin Testing Try

hybrid plane

The world’s best hybrid named Airlander 10 for a test run after a month of preparation. In the pilot, the plane managed to fly smoothly for about 20 minutes.

Airlander 10 was originally intended for the US military, but facing financial difficulties in 2013 due to defense spending cuts.

After that, the hybrid vehicle successfully raised more than US $ 4.4 million through two crowdfunding campaigns, in addition to grants from the European Union and the British government.

Unlike commercial aircraft, carbon emissions Airlander 10 is much lower. In terms of form, this aircraft has a length of 300 feet, or about 91.44 meters. Over a length of 50 feet or about 15:24 meters from the largest commercial aircraft.

Airlander 10 carrying four engines and fuselage shape is governed by high-pressure helium gas (approximately 38,000 cubic meters). While the hull is made of carbon fiber that can inflate.

Unlike conventional aircraft, Airlander 10 does not require a runway. This advanced aircraft can land on any runway, such as snow or water surface. If berpenumpang, this aircraft airborne for up to five days. If unmanned, Airlander 10 can fly for more than two weeks.

With the ability to be able to take off and land in any conditions, Airlander 10 can be used to send goods or passengers to areas with less friendly areas such as offshore oil mining. The aircraft is even claimed to be able to carry 10 tons of cargo.

Rows of Bad job for Heart Health

heart attack

Heart becomes important human organs. As a vital organ, the heart function is to provide oxygen and clean the entire body of carbon dioxide inhaled through breathing.

However, human activity as improve the work makes the heart function becomes increasingly severe. Live Science quoted from a report released by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides an overview of the jobs are considered to make a bad heart condition.

CDC conducted a study involving 66 thousand employees from 22 occupations. Thousands of employees surveyed are scattered in 21 states of the USA. Researchers at CDC using criteria to assess heart health with parameters compiled by The American Heart Association.

The American Heart Association released seven parameters healthy heart criteria which include smoking, regular physical activity, the ideal body weight according to age, blood pressure, blood sugar levels normal, normal cholesterol levels and consumption of healthy food.

Based on seven parameters before, the CDC revealed the driver and social worker as the worst job for heart health